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Англійська мова Бондар 9 клас 2022

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Англійська мова Бондар 9 клас 2022
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Unit 1 It’s my life

Check in Let’s listen: Jack’s biography

Let’s talk: My personal biography

Language 1 Used to, didn’t use to

Language 2 Get, make, let, have

Language 3 Talking about the future

Everyday English How I see myself

How to talk about personal qualities

A letter of application

Making a good impression at the interview

Get fit Interview etiquette

Overheard Let’s listen: Mark Zuckerberg

Facts and fiction Now that’s what I call living

Words in action More about Mark Zuckerberg

Zodiac signs and people’s character

Try it out 1 The Bible

Unit 2 School prepares me for my future

Check in Let’s listen: Make a Difference Day

Let’s talk: Website info

Language 1 The present perfect

Language 2 Modal verbs: must, mustn’t, need, needn’t

Language 3 The past perfect

Everyday English The art of leadership

Let’s listen: Making the first move

Get fit School structure

Overheard Let’s listen: Attention, please!

Let’s listen: PVHS cheerleader chants

Facts and fiction Choosing a career

Words in action Favourite subjects

What is needed for a job?

Ready for the homecoming dance?

Skills in action What’s a formal discussion?

Stand UP stands for the kids! Will you?

Try it out 2 Part-time jobs

Revision 1 Make, let, have, get, talking about the future, have someone or have something done, present perfect, must, mustn’t, needn’t

Unit 3 Stars in your eyes?

Check in Let’s listen and talk: The Chronicles of Narnia

Language 1 Using defining relative clauses

Everyday English Music matters

Interviews with the four friends

Get fit How to understand an English song?

Overheard Let’s listen: Musicians

Let’s listen: Their music

Facts and fiction Prince Caspian

Words in action Let’s make a great mobile movie

Skills in action Letters and e-mails

Unit 4 Discover books and theater

Check in Let’s listen: Who?

Let’s talk: The best book

Language 1 So – such, enough – too

Language 2 As...as , not as ...as

Everyday English Four steps to create a story

Let’s listen: The theater bug

Theater superstitions

About Broadway

Get fit How to create tension?

Overheard Let’s listen: Edgar Allan Poe

Let’s listen: Mark Twain

Facts and fiction Best theater shows for teenagers

Words in action Let’s add depth to language

Books you might write once

Free section Battle of the books

Try it out 3 Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Revision 2 So – such, too – enough, who, which

Unit 5 The world speaks English

Check in Let’s listen: What country are they talking about?

Let’s talk: Facts

Language 1 The present perfect progressive

Everyday English Different phrases for different feelings

Get fit Take part in a discussion

Overheard Let’s listen: English is everywhere

Facts and fiction What Australians think about Americans

Words in action Fun with words and countries

Try it out 4 City of Melbourne

Unit 6 Exploring the world

Check in Let’s listen: Out and about

Let’s talk: A New York City quiz

Language 1 The simple present passive

Language 2 The simple past passive

Everyday English No time for boredom

Get fit Effective reading strategy

Overheard Let’s listen: Sidewalks, mansions, and skyscrapers

Facts and fiction Traveler’s impressions

Words in action Ticket types

Try it out 5 Travel brochures

Revision 3 The present perfect progressive, the simple past passive

Unit 7 Home and away

Check-in Let’s listen: Cherkasy region

Let’s talk: More about the photos

Language If-clauses

Everyday English Home for Thanksgiving

Get fit How to write a factual text

Overheard Let’s listen: Fun activities for teenagers

Facts and fiction Traveler’s diary

Words in action At a summer language camp

Try it out 6 Seneca’s story

Revision 4 If-clause,



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