Учебники для школы » 9 класс » Англійська мова (5-й рік навчання) 9 клас Бондар Нова програма

Англійська мова (5-й рік навчання) 9 клас Бондар Нова програма

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Англійська мова (5-й рік навчання) 9 клас Бондар Нова програма
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Unit 1. It's my life

Check in Let's listen: Jack's biography
Let's talk: My personal biography
Language 1 Used to, didn't use to 10
Language 2 Get, make, let, have 11-12
Language 3 Talking about the future 13
Everyday English How I see myself 14
How to talk about personal qualities 15
A letter of application 16
Making a good impression at the interview 17
Get fit Interview etiquette 18
Overheard Let's listen: Mark Zuckerberg 19
Facts and fiction Now that's what 1 call living 20-23
Words in action More about Mark Zuckerberg 24-25
Zodiac signs and people's character 26-27
Try it out 1 The Bible 28-29

Unit 2. School prepares me for my future

Check in Let's listen: Make a Difference Day 30
Let's talk: Website info 31
Language 1 The present perfect 32
Language 2 Modal verbs: must, mustn't, need, needn't  33
Language 3 The past perfect 34-35
Everyday English The art of leadership 36
Let's listen: Making the first move 37
Get fit School structure 38
Overheard Let's listen: Attention, please! 39
Let's listen: PVHS cheerleader chants 39
Facts and fiction Choosing a career 40-43
Words in action Favourite subjects  44
What is needed for a job? 45
Ready for the homecoming dance? 46-47
Skills in action What's a formal discussion? 48
Stand UP stands for the kids! Will you? 49
Try it out Part-time jobs 50-51
Revision 1 Make, let, have, get, talking about the future, have someone or have something done, present perfect, must, mustn't, needn't 52-53

Unit 3. Stars in your eyes?

Check in Let's listen and talk: The Chronicles of Narnia 54-55
Language 1 Using defining relative clauses 56-57
Everyday English Music matters 58
Interviews with the four friends 59
Get fit How to understand an English song? 60
Overheard Let's listen: Musicians 61
Let's listen: Their music 61
Facts and fiction Prince Caspian 62-65
Words in action Let's make a great mobile movie 66-67
Skills in action Letters and e-mails 68-69

Unit 4. Discover books and theater

Check in Let's listen: Who? 70-72
Let's talk: The best book 72-73
Language 1 So - such, enough - too 74
Language 2 As...as, not as ...as ... 75
Everyday English Four steps to create a story 76
Let's listen: The theater bug 77
Theater superstitions 78
About Broadway 79
Get fit How to create tension? 80
Overheard Let's listen: Edgar Allan Poe 81
Let's listen: Mark Twain 81
Facts and fiction Best theater shows for teenagers 82-85
Words in action Let's add depth to language 86
Books you might write once 87
Free section Battle of the books 88-89
Try it out Coraline by Neil Gaiman 90-91
Revision 2 So - such, too - enough, who, which 92-93

Unit 5. The world speaks English

Check in Let's listen: What country are they talking about? 94-95
Let's talk: Facts 96
Language 1 The present perfect progressive 97-99
Everyday English Different phrases for different feelings 100-103
Get fit Take part in a discussion 104
Overheard Let's listen: English is everywhere 105
Facts and fiction What Australians think about Americans 106-109
Words in action Fun with words and countries 110-111
Try it out City of Melbourne 112-113

Unit 6. Exploring the world

Check in Let's listen: Out and about 114
Let's talk: A New York City quiz 115
Language 1 The simple present passive 116-117
Language 2 The simple past passive 118-119
Everyday English No time for boredom 120-123
Get fit Effective reading strategy 124
Overheard Let's listen: Sidewalks, mansions, and skyscrapers 125
Facts and fiction Traveler's impressions 126-127
Words in action Ticket types 128-129
Try it out Travel brochures 130-131
Revision 3 The present perfect progressive, the simple past passive 132-133

Unit 7. Home and away

Check-in Let's listen: Cherkasy region 134
Let's talk: More about the photos 135
Language If-clauses 136-137
Everyday English Home for Thanksgiving 138-139
Get fit How to write a factual text 140
Overheard Let's listen: Fun activities for teenagers 141
Facts and fiction Traveler's diary 142-143
Words in action At a summer language camp 144-145
Try it out Seneca's story 146-147
Revision 4 If-clause 148-149
Grammar 150-177
Vocabulary 178-231
Dictionary English - Ukrainian 232-271
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