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Англійська мова 6 клас Калініна

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Англійська мова 6 клас Калініна
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My Summer Diary2
I’m a Sixth Former Now6

Unit One: Family Ties

Family lifestyles11
Your Real Self18
Appearances are Deceptive24
The Two of Us: My Friend and I30
My Progress in English35

Unit Two: On Your Hobby Horse

2.1. May success attend you!39
2.2. Necessity or Obsession?46
2.3. In Season and Out of Season54
2.4. Let’s Agree to Differ61
2.5. My Progress in English67

Unit Three: School Life

3.1. School Routine70
3.2. I Have a Head for76
3.3. A Creative Mind82
3.4. To Each his Own88
3.5. My Progress in English94

Unit Four: Travelling

4.1. Choosing a Route97
4.2. Ready, set, go!103
4.3. Welcome to Ukraine111
4.4. "Step out of your cave and look around”118
4.5. My Progress in English124

Unit Five: Are you Good at Shopping?

5.1. Planning a Shopping Trip127
5.2. Shopping for Food133
5.3. Non-food Shopping140
5.4. Choosing a Present147
5.5. My Progress in English152

Unit Six: Help Yourself to...

6.1. What’s for Dinner?156
6.2. I’m a foodie, and you?161
6.3. Mind your Manners167
6.4. Holiday Foods174
6.5. My Progress in English178

Unit Seven: Welcome to the English-speaking World

7.1. So Many Countries So Many Cultures182
7.2. Discovering English-speaking Countries190
7.3. English-speaking Countries197
7.4. Get on Track204
7.5. My Progress in English210
First Aid Kit214
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