Англійська мова Пахомова 8 клас 2021

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Англійська мова Пахомова 8 клас 2021
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Unit 1 Living together
Check in Let’s listen: Different families different lives
Let’s talk: Traditional vs. single parent families
Language Reflexive pronouns and each other
Everyday English Meet halfway
Why do I fight with my parents?
How can I start talking with my parents?
Why do you get angry at your school?
Overheard Let’s listen: Understanding a message
Let’s listen: Teens talk about family
Get fit Reading a historical story
Facts and fiction The diary
Words in action Words and phrases: Telephone messaging
Words that go together well
Try it out 1 A problem shared
Unit 2 A birthday party
Check in Let’s listen: What can we buy at different shops?
Let’s talk: What to wear?
Language 1 Modal verbs can can’t
I would like...
Language 2 Quantifiers: Much, many, a lot of, lots of, a little, not many, a few
Possessive -s, s’
Everyday English Be polite!
Planning a special event
Get fit Writing poems
Overheard Let’s listen: A birthday celebration
Let’s listen: Which film is right for Julie?
Facts and fiction Happy birthday, Sam
Words in action Birthday ideas
In the shop
Try it out Project: English and Biology
Revision 1 ‘s, s’, quantifiers, vocabulary exercises
Unit 3 Media messages
Check in Let’s listen: On the radio
Let’s talk: You and the media
Language 1 The passive: present simple, past simple, present perfect
From active to passive
Language 2 Using ‘so’ to express the result of something
Language 3 Using ‘because’ to express the reason for something
Everyday English Dealing with problems
Thinking of your own ad
Get fit Talk about media in your life
Overheard Let’s listen: Interesting people
Facts and fiction No couch potatoes!
Words in action Media vocabulary
Try it out Advertising
Unit 4 The world of sport
Check in Let’s listen: Sports news
Let’s talk: You and sports
Language 1 Talking about the future
Language 2 Adverbs and adjectives
Language 3 Relative clauses
Everyday English Interviewing people: Skateboarding star
Is it important to win?
Get fit Interview strategies and questions
Overheard Let’s listen: Did you know?
Facts and fiction Eddie the Eagle
Words in action Words and phrases: Sports
Try it out Project: English and Computing
Revision 2 The passive, adverbs and adjectives, simple past or present perfect
Unit 5 SG – school is good
Check in Let’s listen: What is the school life like in the UK?
Let’s talk: Schools in the UK and Ukraine
Language 1 The past progressive
Language 2 Modal verbs and adverbs
Language 3 Possessive adjectives: mine, his, hers, its, ours, yours, theirs
Everyday English My school day
The school uniform: the pros and cons
Get fit Communications skills: We are polite
Overheard Let’s listen: George’s school
Let’s listen: Eco Club
Facts and fiction Thank You, Ma’am (by Langston Hughes)
Words in action More facts about the school life
Jobs at home
Try it out Baywood school: clubs
Unit 6 Around the UK and UKraine
Check in Let’s listen: Geography of the UK
Let’s listen: Geography of Ukraine
Language 1 Talking about the future
Language 2 Nouns / Articles
Language 3 Verbs with adjectives
Everyday English Changing places
Small talk
Get fit Comparison of the UK to and with Ukraine
Overheard Let’s listen: Emergency calls
Let’s listen: Sounds and spelling
Facts and fiction Escape to Monkey Island
Words in action More about geography
Objects consisting of two parts
Try it out Project: English and Geography
Revision 3 The past progressive, simple past or past progressive, whose is this, articles, talking about the future
Extras Stories
The ruby in the smoke
Benny and Omar
Treasure island
The Spaniards are coming!
My big adventure
Good for business
Dictionary English – Ukrainian
Irregular verbs
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