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Англійська мова (7-й рік навчання) Кучма 11 клас Нова програма

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Англійська мова (7-й рік навчання) Кучма 11 клас Нова програма
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Lesson 1. School Life
Lesson 2. Library
Lesson 3. Mass Media (Press)
Lesson 4. Lifestyle
Lesson 5 Music
Lesson 6. Ukraine (Country and People)
Lesson 7. The United Kingdom (Country and People)
UNIT 1. Lifestyle
Lesson 8. Healthy Lifestyle
Lesson 9. Happy & Healthy. Simple Tenses
Lesson 10. Modern Day Teens
Lesson 11. Parents and Children
Lesson 12. Improving Relationship
Lesson 13. Communication Tools
Lesson 14. Effective Communication. Word Order in Questions
Lesson 15. Tolerant Attitude to Others
Self-Assessment Module 1
UNIT 2. Food
Lesson 16. Healthy Food
Lesson 17. Junk Food
Lesson 18. Food for Brain
Lesson 19. Good Food. May/Might
Lesson 20. Favourite Recipes
Lesson 21. Cuisines
Lesson 22. Eating Out
Lesson 23. Favourite Dishes Past Tenses
Self-Assessment Module 2
UNIT 3. Mass Media
Lesson 24. Mass Media
Lesson 25. Television
Lesson 26. Types of TV Programmes. Conditional Sentances. Type 1
Lesson 27. Types of Films. Adjectives Ending in -ed and -ing
Lesson 28. Types of Films
Lesson 29. Means of Communication
Lesson 30. Radio Programmes. Passive Voice
Lesson 31. Feelings & Emotions
Lesson 32. Safe Internet
Self-Assessment Module 3
UNIT 4. Art
Lesson 33. Kinds of Art
Lesson 34. Kinds of Art
Lesson 35. Theatre
Lesson 36. Painting in Great Britain
Lesson 37. Painting in Ukraine
Lesson 38. Favourite Paintings. During. For
Lesson 39. Installation Art. Throughout. During
Lesson 40. Museums. When. As Soon As. Till / Until
Lesson 41. Modern Art
Self-Assessment Module 4
UNIT 5. Ukraine
Lesson 42. Countries of the World
Lesson 43. Geography of Ukraine
Lesson 44. Climate and Weather
Lesson 45. The Population of Ukraine
Lesson 46. Ukraine Population Clock
Lesson 47. Ukraine Age Structure
Lesson 48. Literacy of Population
Lesson 49. Ethnic Groups of Ukraine
Lesson 50. Revision
Self-Assessment Module 5
UNIT 6. The United Kingdom
Lesson 51. The UK
Lesson 52. Climate and Weather
Lesson 53. Climate and Weather
Lesson 54. The Population of the UK
Lesson 55. Ethnic Groups in the UK. Conditional II
Lesson 56. Literacy of Population in the UK
Lesson 57. Age Structure
Lesson 58. Revision. Modal Verbs
Self-Assessment Module 6
UNIT 7. School Life
Lesson 59. Favourite Subject
Lesson 60. Schools in Great Britain
Lesson 61. Schools. to + Infinitive
Lesson 62. Schools are Different! Noun / Pronoun + to + Infinitive
Lesson 63. Education in America
Lesson 64. Schools in the USA
Lesson 65. School Rules. Passive Infinitive
Lesson 66. School Rules
Self-Assessment Module 7
UNIT 8. Jobs
Lesson 67. Personal Profile. Types of Sentences
Lesson 68. Types of Jobs
Lesson 69. Types of Jobs
Lesson 70. Types of Jobs
Lesson 71. Choosing a Job
Lesson 72. My Future Job
Lesson 73. Job’s Description
Lesson 74. Applying for a Job
Lesson 75. Curriculum Vitae
Lesson 76. Covering Letter
Lesson 77. Choosing a Job
Lesson 78. Interview
Lesson 79. Interview
Self-Assessment Module 8
Additional Reading
Grammar Reference
Irregular Verbs
English-Ukrainian Dictionary
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