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Англійська мова 6-й рік навчання Кучма 10 клас Нова програма

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Англійська мова 6-й рік навчання Кучма 10 клас Нова програма
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Lesson 1. Autobiography
Lesson 2. Cinema and Theatre
Lesson 3. Literature
Lesson 4. Travelling
Lesson 5. Sights of Great Britain
Lesson 6. Sights of Ukraine
Lesson 7. School Subjects
Lesson 8. Topics Revision
UNIT 1. School Life
Lesson 9. School System in Great Britain
Lesson 10. Examinations and Assessment
Lesson 11. Teaching Aids and Activities. Simple Tenses. Active Voice
Lesson 12. Private Schools in the United Kingdom
Lesson 13. School System in Ukraine
Lesson 14. Extra-curricular Activities
Lesson 15. School Life. Simple Tenses. Passive Voice
Lesson 16. Extra-curricular Activities. Active/Passive Voice
Lesson 17. Students’ Problems at School
Lesson 18. Teaching Staff
Self-Assessment Module 1
UNIT 2. Library
Lesson 19. History of Libraries
Lesson 20. Famous Libraries. Present Perfect Active
Lesson 21. School Library
Lesson 22. Types of Writing
Lesson 23. Reading Habits. Present Perfect Passive
Lesson 24. Favourite Book
Lesson 25. English Writer. Reported Speech. Sequence of Tenses
Lesson 26. Ukrainian Writer
Lesson 27. Reading References
Self-Assessment Module 2
UNIT 3. Mass Media (Press)
Lesson 28. Newspapers in Great Britain
Lesson 29. Newspapers in the USA
Lesson 30. Newspapers and Magazines
Lesson 31. Newspapers and Magazines. Present/Past Continuous Active
Lesson 32. Popular Magazines. Past Perfect Continuous Active
Lesson 33. Headlines
Lesson 34. Tabloids
Lesson 35. Magazines. Titles and Coverlines
Lesson 36. Writing a True-life Story
Self-Assessment Module 3
UNIT 4. Lifestyle
Lesson 37. Leisure Time. Trips 
Lesson 38. Leisure Time Activities. Reported Questions
Lesson 39. Types of Fairs
Lesson 40. Hobbies
Lesson 41. Hotels
Lesson 42. The Drug Problem
Lesson 43. Informal Letters. Greeting Cards
Lesson 44. Letters of Invitation. Reported Speech. Orders.
Self-Assessment Module 4
UNIT 5. Music
Lesson 45. Types of Music
Lesson 46. Celine Dion
Lesson 47. Louis Armstrong
Lesson 48. Songs
Lesson 49. Music
Lesson 50. Musical Instruments
Lesson 51. Musical Instruments
Lesson 52. Music. To be allowed/let/make
Lesson 53. Concert Advertisement
Self-Assessment Module 5
UNIT 6. Ukraine (Country and People)
Lesson 54. Cities of Ukraine
Lesson 55. Ukrainian Scientists
Lesson 56. Yevhen Paton
Lesson 57. Ukrainian Musical Culture
Lesson 58. Ukrainian Folk Music and Dances
Lesson 59. Literary Periods in Ukraine
Lesson 60. Ukrainian Singers
Self-Assessment Module 6
UNIT 7. The United Kingdom (Country and People)
Lesson 61. Cities of the UK
Lesson 62. Literary Periods in the UK
Lesson 63. Festivals and Feasts
Lesson 64. Scientific Achievements in the UK
Lesson 65. Albert Einstein
Lesson 66. Alexander Graham Bell
Lesson 67. Famous People of the UK
Self-Assessment Module 7
Additional Reading
Additional Texts
Additional Grammar Exercises
Grammar Reference
Irregular Verbs
English-Ukrainian Dictionary
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