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Англійська мова (з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови) Калініна 5 клас

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Англійська мова (з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови) Калініна 5 клас
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Was your summer fun?
Is school fun for you?
Unit One: We are a family
1.1. What makes a family for you?
1.2. What are you like?
1.3. What are you like?
1.4. What do your friends and you like?
1.5. My progress in English
Unit Two: Day in day out
2.1. What is Your Usual Morning schedule?
2.2. Afternoon schedule
2.3. Evening schedule
2.4. How does your weekend help you to be healthy and close to nature?
2.5. My progress in English
Unit Three: Eat with Pleasure!
3.1. What do you think about Ukrainian cuisine?
3.2. How do you think British and Ukrainian cuisines have anything in common?
3.3. How does food on festivities in your family differ?
3.4. What is your favourite food?
3.5. My progress in English
Unit Four: You are in Ukraine
4.1. Why do you think Ukraine is known far and wide?
4.2. What is your favourite season and weather?
4.3. Is your native place your fortress?
4.4. What Ukrainian holidays and traditions do you like most?
4.5. My progress in English
Unit Five: School Life
5.1. What does your timetable look like?
5.2. What do you like to do in your English lessons?
5.3. What are your leisure activities in between the lessons?
5.4. What do you do to become computer literate?
5.5. My progress in English
Unit Six: Wear it!
6.1. What is your clothing style?
6.2. How do you choose your clothes?
6.3. What clothes do you wear on different occasions?
6.4. Is shopping for clothes your favourite pastime?
6.5. My Progress in English
Unit Seven: A mind trip to Britain
7.1. How are you getting ready for travelling?
7.2. What are your first impressions of travelling?
7.3. What do you know about Britain?
7.4. Why, in your opinion, British holidays and traditions are unique?
7.5. My progress in English
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