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Англійська мова Бєляєва 1 клас Нова Українська Школа

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Англійська мова Бєляєва 1 клас Нова Українська Школа
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Lesson 1. Hello! What is your name?
Lesson 2. What’s your name? — I’m Danylo!
Lesson 3. Nice to meet you!
Lesson 4. This is Max!
Lesson 5. How are you?
Lesson 6. I’m happy!
Lesson 7. Are you happy?
Lesson 8. How old are you?
Lesson 9. I’m six, I’m seven!
Lesson 10. I’m from Ukraine!
Lesson 11. Where are you from?
Lesson 12. Goodbye!
Lesson 13. Revision
Lesson 1. Come in, friends!
Lesson 2. Look, listen, point and say!
Lesson 3. What is this?
Lesson 4. It’s a pen!
Lesson 5. Is this a book?
Lesson 6. What colour is it?
Lesson 7. Seven colours, seven friends
Lesson 8. It’s my bag!
Lesson 9. Is this your book?
Lesson 10. Colours on the street
Lesson 11. Ten colours
Lesson 12. Revision
Lesson 1. This is my family!
Lesson 2. This is my mum, this is my dad
Lesson 3. This is my grandma, this is my grandpa
Lesson 4. Holidays in my family
Lesson 5. Merry Christmas!
Lesson 6. Revision
UNIT 4. My free time
Lesson 1. I can slide, I can jump!
Lesson 2. I can read, I can write!
Lesson 3. Family time
Lesson 4. In the shop
Lesson 5. Can you read? — Yes, I can!
Lesson 6. I can, I can’t
Lesson 7. A visit to the village
Lesson 8. In the forest
Lesson 9. Can you draw? Can you share?
Lesson 10. I can play, we can play!
Lesson 11. Revision
UNIT 5. At home
Lesson 1. My house
Lesson 2. My bedroom
Lesson 3. My toys
Lesson 4. My clothes
Lesson 5. Days of the week
Lesson 6. Can I help you?
Lesson 7. Breakfast time
Lesson 8. What’s for lunch?
Lesson 9. Family dinner
Lesson 10. A menu
Lesson 11. My pets
Lesson 12. Revision
UNIT 6. It’s spring!
Lesson 1. I see spring!
Lesson 2. Mother’s Day
Lesson 3. Garden birds
Lesson 4. Insects and a spider
Lesson 5. Happy Easter!
Lesson 6. Easter Egg Hunt
Lesson 7. Spring flowers
Lesson 8. Gardening help
Lesson 9. Earth Day
Lesson 10. At the park
Lesson 11. We have a picnic!
Lesson 12. Revision
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English-Ukrainian dictionary.
Англо-український словник
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